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Zhejiang Tormin Electrical Co., Ltd.

Explosion proof LED lights such as LED floodlights, LED low/high bay lights, LED linear lights, LED position lights, ...

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    No. 35 Qingjiang Road, High-tech District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Zhejiang Tormin Electrical Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing explosion proof lighting fixtures and industrial LED luminaires to address the unique lighting needs of challenging projects with extreme application environment. The company's value-engineered products include a complete range of explosion proof LED lights such as LED floodlights, LED low/high bay lights, LED linear lights, LED position lights, LED mining tunnel lights, movable light towers, high intensity LED work lights, LED flashlights, LED search lights, and LED emergency lights. They're designed for areas with ATEX and IECEx hazardous locations Group IIA, IIB, IIC; Zone 1, Zone 2; Zone 21, Zone 22; and temperature class: T1 to T6 field Hazardous Area Zones.

Since 2003 Tormin has been providing reliable and cost effective lighting solutions designed for indoor and outdoor applications where flammable or explosive gases, vapors and combustible dusts may be present, or moisture, dirt, dust, corrosion, vibration, and high ambient temperature may be expected. Tormin is one of the pioneers that fully embrace the LED technology developments. Tormin's LED explosion proof lights utilize only the most efficient LED light sources, premium impact-resistant optics, efficient heat dissipation designs for optimal lumen maintenance, rugged housings powder coated for corrosion resistance and added durability, and are sealed from the outside environment to ingress protection against water and dust. They're engineered to stand up to the harshest conditions while delivering long life with almost zero maintenance requirement.

Tormin is a market-driven lighting manufacturer with uncompromising emphasis on systematic value creation for its customers through the maximum leverage of synergies in research, development, engineering and production. With well over 10 years of experience, the combined expertise of its professional and proactive workforce, and its ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certified manufacturing facilities which are fully equipped to deliver a complete package of value added OEM/ODM services, Tormin has raised the bar to a new level.
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